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So you're telling me without mercy…
Being put behind these bars is right.
To prepare me for my tedious death.
Not even giving me time to fight?

So you're telling me without mercy…
My last moments will be spent in here.
Eyes tiring of that dull orange, black.
A pulse beating for those I find dear.

So you're telling me without mercy…
I have no choice but to aimlessly follow
The times for my meals and exercise?
Fright looms over my stay at death row.  

So you're telling me without mercy…
I must be healthy enough to die?
Everyone gets a chance to change?
Nothing's true – everything's a lie.
I was just thinking after reading this really thought-provoking poem:[link]

The thought lingered of, ''Why must we be prohibited to die if we wish to?'' And I flipped it around and thought if someone doesn't want to die, why condemn them to it? There are so many other paths one could take, everyone deserves a chance before they're placed on death row. But these are just my thoughts, I understand they may be controversial so others may have their own opinions.
demonrobber Featured By Owner May 18, 2012
No Death Row in England but some crimes are so serious that the offender should never be let out. Sometimes they are sentenced to life and set free after 5 years. You may repent but sometimes you have to accept the punishment. An interesting, thoughtful piece.
therealanonymous Featured By Owner May 19, 2012
Thank you!
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